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Rock X Records and Gorilla Music

Welcome to the official website of Rock X Records! RXR is an up-and-coming independent record label based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Rock X Records works with some of the greatest local and regional bands across the country, helping them take the next step forward in their musical careers.

Rock X Records is not currently seeking talent or accepting band submissions. We greatly appreciate your interest, and hope you check back soon for more updates.

Rock X Records, Ltd. is a sister company of Gorilla Productions, LLC, which is America’s highest-volume concert producer. Gorilla Music books and promotes thousands of bands each year through hundreds of concerts, battle of the bands, music fests, and showcase events. They work with some of the best venues in the country, like Peabody’s in Cleveland, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, Sullivan Hall in New York City, The Waiting Room in Omaha, and The Curtain Club in Dallas, just to name a few. Rock X Records is able to successfully develop and promote talent by leveraging the grassroots marketing muscle of Gorilla Music to the benefit of those bands signed to the label. Rock X finds, develops, and commercially markets bands through concert production and promotion, CDs, digital music, DVDs, merchandise and other mediums. Rock X Records works with Gorilla Music and Gorilla Music Management to give bands the tools they need to succeed in the music industry.

Rock X Records artists Spinn and A Greater Tomorrow have releases available now on iTunes and through a number of other digital distribution sites. Check out the Rock X Records Tunecore page for more information.


Through sister company Gorilla Music, Rock X Records is capable of organizing and promoting entire headlining concert tours for it’s bands and artists utilizing the network of local bands . Gorilla Concerts are some of the biggest local shows in the world.

Rock X artists also receive headlining slots on Gorilla Music festivals featuring 100-300 other acts that can reach attendances of hundreds or even thousands of people. Gorilla Productions produces thousands of concerts, including such music festivals, each year in over 50 major markets across the continental United States.

Gorilla Music and Rock X Records have strong relationships with major talent agencies and can often secure desirable opening slots at large venues in exchange for various favors. (Gorilla has arranged opening gigs for its artists on Nine Inch Nails, Kid Cudi, Voodoo Music Experience festival and many others. Gorilla Music festivals also given bands exciting opportunities to perform in front of giant crowds and for assorted music industry representatives. There are lots of great music festival opportunities around the country from other companies, like The 2013 Red Gorilla Music Fest; check out the Red Gorilla Music Fest About Page and Schedule Page for more information.)


Gorilla Music Review

Gorilla Music

Gorilla Music works with thousands of bands, hundreds of clubs, and dozens of recording studios. Gorilla Music has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has thousands upon thousands of happy customers and clients. Now Managing over 35 groups from around the Country.

Gorilla Music is reviewed by hundreds of bands each year. Gorilla Music review is one way to find out how the bands like Gorilla Music. Gorilla Music also works with hundreds of clubs around the country. Their interest in Gorilla Music is a testament the good work Gorilla Music is doing nationwide.

Gorilla Music Training

New Rock X artists will be shown examples of how major artists in the past have created identities and marketed themselves effectively. Artists will learn the nuances of songwriting, practicing, and performing that very few musicians ever discover. A great deal of effort will go into developing the artists’s knowledge of the music industry itself as well as performance skills.

Rock X works to educate, rehearse and develop acts in order to turn raw talent into highly marketable brands. Rock X works with artists to enhance their skills in areas such as songwriting, rehearsing, recording and performing live as well as how to book shows—and how to books shows the right way. In addition, musicians are taught the importance of branding, marketing, professionalism, strategy and demand.
Rock X has first-hand experience teaching artists how to look and act like media-ready stars.

Gorilla Music Leadership

Dan Cull – President, Co-Founder
John Michalak – Vice President, Co-Founder

Dan Cull and John Michalak have over 40 years of experience promoting concerts, managing bands, publishing entertainment magazines, running/owning concert clubs, working with independent record labels, and performing as artists themselves. Dan and John have booked thousands of national acts over the years, including Jay-Z, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, System of a Down, Creed, Kid Rock, Godsmack, Good Charlotte, The Darkness, Incubus, The Donnas, The Killers and more.

Gorilla Music Staff

Rock X and Gorilla Music oversee a full and part-time staff of over 100 people. This team performs a variety of functions, such as:

  • Concert booking
  • Marketing
  • Coordination
  • Event management
  • Graphics and web design
  • Sales
  • Recording and producing
  • Artist development

This is an experienced staff with representatives in nearly every major city. Rock X Records has created a whole new business model for developing artists through grassroots marketing strategies and aggressive touring.

Other Stuff

Gorilla Music encourages everyone to check as many festivals as possible.

Rock Your City

Rock Your City is one of the best new books on the music business. Written by John Michalak and Dan Cull the owners of Gorilla Music, which is the biggest production company in the world that is actively helping local bands. Gorilla Music book thousands of local bands each year and works with hundreds of clubs. No one has the kind of knowledge and experience that John and Dan bring to the table. If you’re serious about your musical career, Rock Your City is a must read.